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Ensure a bright future for your start up business with the support of Fairhead Bradford

The first step on your journey towards your own profitable business can be challenging. Often your time is taken up with turning your idea a reality and focusing on making it happen. You may have no time to think about the essential finances of the business, such as funding your business, making a profit or paying yourself a living wage.
This is where Fairhead Bradford can make the difference. Let our business accounting experts guide you through the initial difficulties and help you construct a robust financial model ready to go the distance.

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How We Help You

 – Setting up the business – deciding how to structure your business and registering with the appropriate organisations such as HMRC and Companies House.

 – Find the right software – working with you to find an accounting system that cuts down your workload, whilst allowing you to remain on top of your finances.

 – Financial Model – providing you with a robust financial model with a profit and loss and cash flow forecast.

 – Building processes – where suitable using the latest accounting software apps to reduce the time manually entering data into your accounting software

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Why Start Up Your Business with Fairhead Bradford?

Because we have been through your journey ourselves. Fairhead Bradford was a start-up business once, and we understand all the pitfalls and difficulties you might come across in your first years. We can ask you the right questions and help you make sure your money plans meet your aspirations for the future.

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